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If you are interested in volunteering, please visit the volunteers section.

What we do

Rays of Sunshine Children's Charity was formed in 2003 to help children who are living with serious or life-limiting illnesses between the ages of 3-18, across the United Kingdom.

It does this by:-

  1. Granting these children's wishes however impossible the wish may seem
  2. Granting hospital ward wishes
  3. Organising events and outings for large groups of seriously ill children such as trip to Legoland and the Sunshine Concert

With your help and support together we can turn wishes into happy memories.

How it works

  1. Children who are living with a serious or life-limiting illness think of a wish
  2. A wish application is completed on behalf of the child
  3. We take the completed application to our Appeals committee within two weeks of receipt
  4. The family are informed which wish has been granted and...
  5. The wish is turned into a happy memory giving the child and their family an unforgettable experience, and break from their daily routine of medication and hospital appointments
how it works

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